Thank you for checking out the site!  Whether you got here on purpose or ended up
here by accident, you'll be glad you came.  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Dr.
Tim Ostrich, otherwise known as "Dr. Boz."  I am a licensed psychologist in the state of
Indiana.  As is typical with us psychologist types, I tend to ask a bunch of questions;
however, I have only one question for each of you right now:

Are you 100% satisfied with you
r health?

If so, congratulations!  In fact, contact me at and share your tips
and tools for leading a healthy lifestyle.  I'm always looking for new and innovative ideas
to improve the health and well-being of others.

For the 99.9999% of you who answered no, this website is for you!

I have two main objectives upon which I focus.  First is Total Body Wellness.  What I
mean by this is feeling healthy physically AND mentally.  I believe we hear plenty of
information about the physical piece, but the mental piece gets placed on hold.  As a
psychologist, you won't be surprised to hear I disagree with this philosophy.  Simply
put, your brain, the part controlling your thoughts and emotions, is part of your body!  
Why wouldn't we want to make our brain just as healthy as the rest of our body?  So
rather than focusing solely on physical health, the information on this website will take
a balanced approach to wellness, focusing on physical and mental health issues.

My second objective is very specific and personal:  End Obesity!  We have an epidemic
in this country when it comes to obesity.  It is a personal issue for me as I've struggled
with weight issues my entire life.  So I come from a place of experience, but I also use
my expertise in mental health to examine the big picture with obesity.  It's not just
about diet and exercise.  It's about mentally being in a place to succeed and to
maintain success.

The Total Body Wellness Revolution is designed to provide people with all the tools and
resources necessary to live fully healthy lives, body and mind!  The pages within this
website will eventually contain vast amounts of information on a variety of
wellness-related topics.  As of now, this website is only in it's infancy, but it will grow
daily.  Currently, you will find articles I've written on wellness, including reviews of the
nutritional components of popular restaurants and fast food establishments (new
articles will be posted monthly).  Also, I've recently started a blog to provide additional
information and resources and to give myself an outlet to discuss just about anything
coming to my mind.

The future will be quite exciting here at Dr. Boz's Total Body Wellness Revolution.  My
BIG plan, down the road, is to begin filming my own talk show on Health and Wellness.  
The idea is still brewing in my head, but it'll happen sooner rather than later.  Definitely
check back often to see how it's coming, and also check out the blog for updates on
the process.

Thank you again for stopping by!  Explore the website as little or as much as you wish.  
And if you have any ideas on how to improve the site or things to add, email me at or send a comment through my online feedback form located
HERE.  I welcome the feedback.

Be Healthy!  
Welcome to the Revolution!
Dr. Boz's Total Body Wellness Revolution