Dr. Boz (Dr. Tim Ostrich) is a licensed psychologist working in the
Decatur office of Park Center Inc., headquartered in Fort Wayne, IN.  
Originally from Johnstown, PA, Dr. Boz spent much of his life living in
and attending school throughout the state of Pennsylvania.  A
graduate of Westmont Hilltop High School in 1993, Dr. Boz completed
his undergraduate training at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA,
receiving Bachelors in Actuarial Science (1997) and Psychology
(1998).  He obtained his Masters in Clinical Psychology from
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2000 and his Doctorate in
Psychology (Psy.D.) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2007.  
He has been employed with Park Center since June 2007, obtaining
his license as a psychologist in 2008.  

Professionally, Dr. Boz has been employed in Community Mental
Health Centers since 2002 in both Pennsylvania and Indiana.  His
primary area of interest is in Total Body Wellness, focusing on the
connection between emotional health and physical health.  
Specifically, Dr. Boz is most interested in the mental health factors
affecting obesity, as he believes it is these mental health
components that are most responsible for increasing the incidence
of obesity, restricting those who are obese from losing weight, and
affecting the ability of people to maintain weight loss when it occurs.
 His professional objective is to lead the fight against obesity with
the hope of stopping and reversing the trend of increased obesity
throughout the country.

Personally, Dr. Boz comes from a place of experience when it comes
to obesity and the mental health factors supporting obesity.  As an
obese child and adult, he endured many of the same taunts and
negative comments from others regarding his weight.  Not
surprisingly, these experiences profoundly affected his sense of
self, leading him to view himself as "not good enough" or "flawed"
much of his life.  However, he also realized his desire to live a
healthy lifestyle could only be achieved IF he took care of himself
physically AND mentally, as these two components are permanently
linked.  It is this recognition of the Mind/Body connection from which
his Total Body Wellness Revolution was born.

Dr. Boz's Total Body Wellness Revolution is still in its infancy.  Check
back frequently for updates on Dr. Boz's plans.  Change is coming.  
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