I went off to college in 1993 and promptly put on the "Freshman 15" in about six
weeks.  I probably gained at least 40 pounds my freshman year.  While I can't say for
certain exactly how much weight I gained during undergrad, my estimate is about 115
pounds.  At least this is the last known weight I can recall from my senior year (during
my physical for the golf team).  Having no accountability in college was a dangerous
thing for me.  Pizza places were my best friends.  Weekly trips to the store to
purchase things like chips, chocolate milk, soda, and cakes/cookies were
commonplace.  I'd guess the only fruits I ate were IN desserts (apple dumplings or
strawberry pie), and the only vegetables I ate were either potatoes (french fries) or
purely by accident (on my pizza).  

As you can see from the pictures below (graduation of high school versus graduation
from college - 1993 and 1997 respectively), the difference is startling:
Dr. Boz's Total Body Wellness Revolution
Boz's Weight Loss Journey - Continued
Success Story #1
(April 2008)

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Success Story #2
(April 2009)

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Success Story #3
(April 2010)

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I did end up losing a bit the year after college graduation, although I can't find visual
evidence of it.  The difference here was I lived in an apartment - with rent and utilities
to pay.  While I still wasn't eating great at all, I simply couldn't afford to eat as much
as I wanted.  And exercise?  Forget about it!  After my freshman year in college
(where I didn't do much anyway), I barely broke a sweat, except for just walking to
and from classes because I was so heavy.  

When I moved on to graduate school in 1998, I still remained pretty heavy (at this
point a little over 300 pounds which, at 6'1", is not so hot).  The summer after my first
year I distinctly remember one instance where I finally became so fed up with myself
and my weight that I had to take action.  It was Memorial Day weekend.  I was back at
home for the summer.  My family had a cookout.  I'm not sure
why it happened, but I
was instantly angry at myself.  I vowed to make changes, and changes I made!  
Calories were slashed, junk food was gone, and SlimFast shakes were purchased in
bulk.  I also began to exercise - a lot.  Every morning before work I'd walk about two
miles.  Sometimes during lunch I'd walk as well.  After work I'd come home, change
into my walking clothes, and go to the track to walk some more (1.5-3 miles).  By the
end of the summer, I was 60 pounds lighter and feeling great!  

But as often happens, life gets in the way.  It was easier to lose weight during the
summer.  My parents were buying the food.  Going for 2-3 walks a day was easy since
the weather was so nice.  As fall turned into winter, I strayed from the activity.  My
diet slowly regressed back to the junk and fast food from before.  Spending the extra
money for healthy food seemed crazy!  Especially when
I had to pay for it!  And of
course the stress of finishing my Masters didn't help either.  So my weight bounced
back up again.  Not as high as before, but about 30 pounds from the end of summer to
graduation in May 2000.  Here you can see the changes:
Boz Graduation 1993
Boz Graduation 1997
Boz Graduation 2000
Boz 1999 and 2000
Boz 2000 on Internship