Articles by Dr. Boz
Through my current employer, I've had the opportunity to write several articles for the
company Wellness newsletter (titled "The Babble").  Initially, I provided personal
"Success" stories to describe my weight loss journey.  Eventually, I branched out into
writing columns on a variety of topics.  

Below is a list of my current articles.  I have two separate columns I write.  First is an
advice column called "The Information Station" which tackles a variety of health and
wellness concerns.  Second is a series of reviews on the nutritional data for various
popular eating establishments found in many communities across the country.  

I cite my sources of information for these articles.  If there is no specific citation,
consider the statement to be MY opinion (especially when it comes to the restaurant
reviews).  While I have a lot of personal experience learning the good, bad, and ugly
when it comes to nutrition, I am NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR!  As always, consult YOUR
medical doctor when it comes to issues regarding physical health.  I do suspect,
however, your medical doctor will probably agree with me much of the time.

For any information relating to mental health issues, consider the information my
educated opinion.  I AM a psychologist with specific training in these issues.  That being
said, if you are working with your own psychologist or mental health counselor, always
go to them for your mental health needs.  

One final disclaimer:  The information provided (cited) in the article is current as of the
date of each article (noted in parentheses).  Some information, particularly menu items
and nutritional content, may have changed since the writing of the article.  Please be
sure to consult the websites cited to verify current information.  

To read the articles below, simply click on the links to open the files.  Feel free to save
the articles on your own computer.  And as always, feedback is welcome!  Click on the
"Contact Dr. Boz" link above and to the left to send me your thoughts.  And finally, a
special Thank You to my "Mystery Editor" who makes the articles below look so pretty.  
She/He prefers to be nameless, but I do GREATLY appreciate the help.

Enjoy the articles!  If you have any questions or comments, email me
here and ignore
the email address in the articles (which is outdated).  Thanks!

Special Article - Wii Fit Review (August 2008)
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The Information Station - Episode 1.1 (March 2009)
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The Information Station - Episode 1.2 (April 2009)
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Special Article - Chili Recipe by Dr. Boz (May 2010)
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Dining Out with Dr. Boz at McDonald's (May 2010)
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Dining Out with Dr. Boz at Subway (June 2010)
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Dining Out with Dr. Boz at Wendy's (July 2010)
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Dining Out with Dr. Boz at Applebee's (August 2010)
Coming Soon!
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